Personalized Digital Health

Personalized Digital Health: The era of personalized digital health is here. RYAH provides delivery systems for cannabis, other drugs and nutraceuticals. Real-time consumption monitoring of what, when, how much, who consumed is related to why (prescriptions, wellness goals), demographics, and other data.

Smart IoT Delivery Ecosystems

IoT-connected Smart drug-nutraceutical delivery systems

Personalized data insights to optimize wellness

IoT ecosystem delivering unparallelled transparency and control between software and hardware

Data empowering healthier decisions

Communities Served

Our innovative technology enables people to live healthier lives by providing safe, effective, and accurate delivery of their medications – and insights on how to optimize their wellness journey.


Healthcare Providers

Dispensaries & Distributors

Research & Development

Patients and Wellness Consumers

RYAH's Business Pipeline

RYAH has a rapidly expanding pipeline of international business partners comprised of clinics, dispensaries, pharmacies, distributors, growers, formulation partners, and researchers.

RYAH Smart Inhaler™

A dry herb inhaler with an integrated volumetric airflow sensor that enables consumers to track and control exactly how much they inhale.

RYAH Smart Patch™

A lightweight, mobile-controlled smart patch that can be boosted for on-demand control.


RYAH MD is a platform for health practitioners to remotely monitor and manage their patients’ vaporization and patch regimen with RYAH’s suite of smart products.

Our Technology

RYAH’s unique technical expertise is in the convergence of IoT-connected dose delivery technology, integrated mobile and web apps, and Big Data.

Innovative Technology

RYAH’s product portfolio includes the Smart Inhaler™, the Smart Patch™, the RYAH Health™ mobile app, RYAH MD™ – a SAAS app for medical practitioners enabling them to monitor patient usage and outcomes, and RYAH Big Data. More products are in development.

RYAH Smart Delivery Devices

The Smart Patch™ and the Smart Inhaler™ are proprietary volume-control delivery devices with IoT data monitoring systems.

RYAH IoT Ecosystem

RYAH employs a three-part Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem to control dosing regimens and capture data. The three critical segments of the ecosystem are:

1. Delivery-control devices
2. QR labeled medical or nutraceutical products
3. The mobile app


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