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Investors - RYAH: IoT Device and Digital Health Solutions


Company Overview

RYAH™ is a global technology company focused on Big Data generated by its IoT ecosystem of connected devices (Smart Inhalers™ and Smart Patches™) and Apps uniquely enabling valuable AI-powered predictive analytics of the efficacy of plant-based remedies including cannabis, and other drugs or nutraceuticals.

RYAH Company Highlights

Innovative IoT Ecosystem

Smart Inhalers and Patches and connected Apps, delivering cannabinoids, psychedelics, and other healthy solutions

ISO 13485 Medical Device Certification

First cannabis delivery device certified for hardware and software.
Certifications in Canada, NZ, and soon in EU, UK, and Australia

First AI Patent In Cannabis Industry

U.S. Patent #10,296,714 Granted: Method and system for medical cannabinoid treatment and product selection. July 2019

RYAH MD™ Subscription Service

Enables doctors to monitor and recommend THC and CBD dosing for dry herb vaporization

RYAH Granted Utility Patent For Its Smart Medical Inhaler System

U.S. patent number 15/924,172 "Electronic Vaporizer with Remote Control Capability"

Selected as The Delivery Device For The World’s Largest Cannabis Trial

5 year, 5,000 patient clinical trial in the UK

150 million people regularly use cannabis

Market Potential

Why We’re Different

RYAH Investor Information

RYAH Group is listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the symbol “RYAH”

The Company has two classes of shares issued and outstanding: Super Voting and Subordinate Voting shares. The 717,486 Class B Super Voting shares were issued for SEC and IRS regulation purposes and do not trade publicly. The Class B shares can be converted into 71,748,600 Class A Subordinate Voting shares on the basis of 100 Class A Subordinate Voting shares for each Class B share tendered.

Currently there are 448,131,390 Class A shares issued and outstanding.


SEDAR Filings

Corporate Presentation

Investor Presentation

Investor Frequently Asked Questions

RYAH Group shares trade on the Canadian Securities Exchange (the ''CSE'') symbol: ''RYAH''.

It also trades on the Pink Sheets symbol:''RYAHF''.

You can purchase RYAH Group shares through a registered broker-dealer of your choice.

Occasionally, the Company raises funds through private placements. In such a case, Accredited Investors can purchase shares directly from the Company. If this is of interest to you, please contact RYAH and we will determine if you qualify and keep you informed as to the availability of such placements.

To buy shares, you can either go through an investment advisor or use an online brokerage account from any financial institution in your country.

You should consult a financial professional to determine the risks and suitability of such an investment for you.

There are:

519,879,990 shares issued and outstanding

163,570,637 warrants available at different exercise prices

22,324,875 options exercisable at different prices





Our fiscal year end is December 31.


U.S. Patent #15,924,172: Electronic Vaporizer with Remote Control Capability.

U.S. Patent #10,296,714: Method and system for medical cannabinoid treatment and product selection.

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