RYAH Smart Patch™

The RYAH Smart Patch provides users with the ability to boost their patch for on-demand relief. With the mobile app, users can create a custom boost schedule that revolves around the times when their symptoms are the most severe for a reliable, hassle free experience.


Smart Patch App

Instantly Pair

Use the app to easily pair your Smart Patch with your phone.

Create Your Boost Schedule

Seamlessly create a tailor-made boost schedule around when your symptoms are the most severe.

Monitor Your Patch

Easily keep track of the duration of your patch use, your Brain’s battery life, the remaining lifespan of your disposable patch, and your upcoming boost schedule.

Receive Helpful Alerts

Always know when your Smart Patch is about to boost and when your battery should be charged.

Journal Your Experiences

Submit session reviews to keep track of how well your patch formulations and boost schedule worked for you.

Learn From Your Reviews

Use your stats to learn which patch formulations and boost schedules worked best for you.

Components of the Smart Patch™


Discrete, lightweight, and razor thin, the Bluetooth-connected Patch Brain is designed to sit on top of your disposable QR patch for advanced dose-control capabilities. Boost the patch via the companion app for a personalized experience.


Disposable QR patches contain a variety of patch formulations designed to provide long-lasting relief. To get started, scan the patch, attach the Brain, and apply to the skin. When you’re finished, safely dispose of the patch, and use the companion app to rate your experience.

How it Works

Open the RYAH Patch app on your mobile device
Scan the QR code on the QR patch
Attach the Patch Brain on top of the QR patch, then apply to the skin
Use the RYAH Patch app to boost the Patch Brain for on-demand relief
Once you’re finished, dispose of the QR patch and charge the Brain
Record how well your QR patch worked using the app
Review your stats and to create an optimized boost schedule


How It Helps

The wireless, compact, RYAH Smart Patch brings a brand new way to personalize plant-based therapy through the ability to boost your patch and maintain an organized record of what patches you enjoyed.

Are you intrigued by the RYAH Smart Patch™ ?

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