Jules Gagnon

Assistant Vice President, Investor Relations

As AVP of Investor Relations, Jules is responsible for coordinating RYAH’s efforts to communicate and engage with investors, drawing on his network of investors and capital market participants, while also coordinating strategic market awareness campaigns.

Jules, with over 4 years experience trading commodity, FX, and equities markets, has in-depth knowledge with regard to technical and market analysis. With his passion for trading financial markets, he’s been actively involved in spearheading both public and privately held North American companies’ investor relations initiatives and is delighted to be a part of RYAH Group at such a pivotal moment for the company. RYAH has been mostly recognized as a medical device and software company, through various partnerships with clinical groups. With Jules, not only will RYAH continue helping the scientific community make plant-based medical breakthroughs, RYAH will become a global lifestyle brand that will provide any individual with wellness solutions to cater to specific needs. Jules’s goal is to help the investment community understand the company’s revised strategic approach, as well as our medium to long-term trajectory toward profitable growth.

Other Team Members


David R. Richards

Chief Executive Officer & Director

François C. Desrosiers

Chief Financial Officer, Corporate Secretary & Director

C. Jordan Medley

Vice President, Global Products

Dr. Radka Milanova

Vice President, Intellectual Property Commercialization & Scientific Advisor

Jules Gagnon

Assistant Vice President, Investor Relations

Harry Tetteh

Director, Research & Sales Operations

Robert Tavares

Global VP of Business Development and Sales

Warren Thomson

Head of Business Development, USA

Andrea Ferrari

Head of Business Development, EU

Matthew Davies

Head of Business Development, Canada

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