Matthew Davies

Head of Business Development, Canada

Matthew has 40 years sales and customer service experiences. Some of his work experiences also include being a facilitator, working as contract office furnisher, ergonomic technician, healthcare equipment sales and service personnel, inventory manager, installation coordinator and project manager.

Matthew is currently CEO of D. Odegard Agencies Ltd., representing innovative biotech solutions, a medical cannabis patient advocate, and RYAH’s cannabis medical delivery device representative for global markets.

Matthew is married with two daughters. One of his daughters is an ED Nurse and the other is a lawyer. Matthew is a former karate instructor, he holds second degree black belt. He is also a musician and a guitar player. Matthew loves beaches. Matthew is on disability from 4 workplace injuries in 2015, and has been a medical cannabis patient since 2017.

Other Team Members


David R. Richards

Chief Executive Officer & Director

François C. Desrosiers

Chief Financial Officer, Corporate Secretary & Director

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Vice President, Global Products

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Vice President, Intellectual Property Commercialization & Scientific Advisor

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Head of Business Development, USA

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Head of Business Development, EU

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Head of Business Development, UK & International

Matthew Davies

Head of Business Development, Canada
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